Heavenly Warriors has an active prison ministry called True Release Ministries. There is a hunger in the prison population like never before for the Power of the Holy Spirit, and True Release Ministries is dedicated to working within the prison system to bring as much Holy Ghost teaching and power as possible to the inmates who are seeking more of God.

Ministering in the prison system is different than almost any other ministry environment because of the need to maintain a balanced approach to ministry. The reality is that there are not only Christian ministers in a prison worship structure, but there are also Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, and even satanic “ministers” who must be allowed to share equal time with the Christians if they request to. The laws and rules of prison ministry are dictated by the state, and those laws are not allowed to show preference for any religion in the prison system because of potential discrimination law suits. This means we not only have to fight the demons in prison ministry, but we must do so in strict compliance with the rules and guidelines set forth by the warden and prison staff.

As you would imagine, prison is a hot bed of demonic activity and the ministry team needs all the prayer and spiritual warfare covering we can get! I ask you to consider becoming a “True Release Ministry Partner” and let me send you one of these really cool looking conversation starting Tee-Shirts.

When you wear this Tee-Shirt you will have people walk up to you and ask about True Release Ministries, and that creates a perfect opportunity for you to talk about Jesus, and explain how He is the only True Release there is!

For a support gift of $30 to the Prison Ministry each month we will send you one of these official Ministry Tee-Shirts: