July 16, 2015 is a day I will always remember. At 10:15 that morning I got a phone call telling me that my dear friend and brother in the Lord, Pastor Marcus Samuel, had suddenly and mysteriously died in his sleep the night before. Brother Marcus was aware that there was a particular coven of witches that had targeted him and a few other deliverance ministries for attacks. This coven mailed similar packages to all these ministries with specific items inside, that we believe were cursed in satanic rituals. Brother Marcus received one of these packages, and shortly after that he began to experience unrelenting attacks on his mind and physical body.

This battle is real, and the Christian church must wake up and begin to take spiritual warfare seriously. There are many more attacks like this on the way. Please listen to this audio teaching and learn some things you need to know about how to fight the enemy we are facing.