What in the world is going on? That question is being asked everyday around the world.

Unless you’re living in a cave somewhere totally off the grid, you are witnessing unprecedented events happening almost on a daily basis. Our world is experiencing a tornado of lawlessness, evil, and corruption, that is combining with Christian apathy and ignorance to form the perfect demonic storm. We are in that storm. You are in that storm.

Whether you believe in demons or not – they definitely believe in you. This world is in the early stages of a raging storm, the likes of which we have never seen before, and demonic forces are responsible.

In 1993 God called me into the deliverance ministry, but I avoided that calling for the next 15 years. I was into me. My need to succeed in business and acquire material things was the focus of my life, not God. I was not “ready” to be called into any ministry, much less deliverance, because I wanted to build my “corporate” career. I loved money more than I loved God, and that’s just the painful truth.

Of all the ministries I could be called to, deliverance ministry is not one I would choose. I didn’t know a lot about deliverance, and it all seemed kind of “out there” to my very logical mind.

To be honest, I thought the whole deliverance thing was kind of “kooky”, and that I was smarter and cooler than that. After all, I have been a professional musician and vocalist since I was 14, and I could easily see myself in a music ministry because, well, that just made sense. But God had other plans!

Although I had been involved in a “Deliverance” church when I was first born again back in 1980, I had not really seen or heard anything about deliverance since those early days. Through the years, in the different churches I was involved in, I would have occasional brushes with demonic oppression and demonized people, but I really never thought too much about it. I had become a “comfortable Christian” and I was more interested in the pursuit of material things, prestige, and social standing than I was in helping people who obviously needed help.

I spent 10 years in law enforcement as a police officer, and although I didn’t realize it at the time, I was dealing with demonic activity inRick-Police-Uniform_cut people’s lives on a daily basis! During my time as a police officer I also trained as a professional KickBoxer, and I was fortunate enough to live in the same town George Foreman was born in, Marshall, Texas.

At that time in the early 1990’s, Big George was staging a comeback career that eventually won him the Heavyweight Title of the World for a second time. George had a gym in Marshall and I was able to work with his people and his trainers during my KickBoxing career, and that world class training Rick in Kickboxing Poseallowed me to win a KickBoxing title. Through all the blood, sweat and tears, I learned what it takes to be a fighter. I understand the mindset required to prepare for battle, and I understand the courage required to step into the ring with an adversary who wants to destroy you.

Rick Bell karate magazine coverAll of that experience back then was laying a foundation for the ministry I have today. My law enforcement training developed my boldness, calm, and courage in the face of adversity, and my competitive KickBoxing career taught me how to train and fight! I was being prepared for this ministry even back then and I never knew it.

I am a professional guitarist and vocalist, as well as a studio musician and music teacher. Since I’m a full time musician, I worked hard to find my place in “church” music over the years, but I never really felt like music ministry was where God wanted me. I never had that burning desire to play Christian music, like my friends in praise and worship, and the doors never opened and STAYED open for me to use my musical gifts in a church setting. I always encountered spirits of jealousy and control when I became part of a music team, and when I started talking about demons and deliverance (as I am always compelled to do) the leaders of these churches always asked me to either stop talking about demons and the supernatural, or leave.

It was puzzling to me when, instead of music or preaching, God opened doors and clearly led me into the deliverance ministry. Over the past several years God has taken me through some of the most intense deliverance training you could imagine, in real one on one encounters with demonically possessed people – most of them confessing Christians. I have studied and applied the teachings of great deliverance ministers like Derek Prince, Pastor Wynn Worley, Pastor John S. Torell, and others. God has led me to some amazing resources that have totally transformed my life and ministry, and the bottom line is; This stuff works! It really works!!

One of Satan’s greatest deceptions is the lie that a Christian cannot be affected by demons. That is a lie. I can give you a pretty long list of solid Spirit filled evangelical pastors, teachers, Christian singers, and others who have succumbed to an area in their life that was under demonic influence or control. We can start with one of Jesus’s hand-picked 12 named Judas.

People have the misconception that every encounter with a demonic person will result in a scene from the movie “The Exorcist” with the demonic person’s head spinning 360 degrees around and green pee soup being spit out! Although this crazy kind of stuff does happen once in a while (yep, I’ve seen some way out stuff), the vast majority of the time demons stay hidden in the darkest recesses of a person’s inner being, and only surface when they desire to influence that person to do something.

Because of the misconception of how demons operate, and a general lack of knowledge about how to deal with demonic manifestations in people, Christian leaders often avoid the topic of demons altogether. I believe this absence of teaching has significantly contributed to the rampant epidemic of “demonization” we are seeing in people today.

Demons prefer to hide, not make spectacles of themselves! When you think of demons, think of rats in the attic; They scamper about destroying things until the light is turned on, then they go back to their hiding place. Demons do the same thing.

If you have a rat problem you have to take some action to get rid of them because they will not leave on their own! Neither will demons who have “nested” in certain areas of people’s lives. Demons take the form of addictions, compulsive behavior, self destructive patterns, anger, need to control, and about 4,000 other things.

If this sounds all too familiar, you probably need deliverance counseling. Depending on my schedule, I can sometimes travel to your location to do some spiritual deliverance work, or, I can schedule a time to speak with you over Skype.

If you think you need deliverance, you can reach me by email at: RickTeaches@aol.com. I ask that you indicate your sincere desire for my help by making a contribution to this ministry. Unfortunately, I have been in this ministry long enough to have become the victim of Satan sending people to me for help that had no intention of really getting and staying free from demonic oppression; they were simply sent to waste my time and resources.

People who are serious about getting help will make a donation to this ministry to show they are for real. Many people reach out to me for deliverance and I must be wise how I invest God’s  time and resources.

You can make a donation by clicking on the Donation button on each page. God said His people perish for a lack of knowledge. I don’t want another person perishing because they just don’t know.

God Bless you and thank you for reading this.