Donald Trump’s win exposed the true level of corruption in our leadership. It’s time to put our spiritual workout mindset on and get back to work because interesting times are ahead.


Christians are in a fight that will not end until they end. This teaching provides an interesting analogy of how boxers have “corner men” and followers of Jesus must also.

My Dad often spoke of a term he heard often during his Navy years in World War 2. That term is “All Hands On Deck”, and when it was announced it meant every available sailor was to rush to their battle stations.

The “All Hands On Deck” call is going out now to Christians everywhere to prepare for incoming attacks. We must be trained so we can train others for the perilous times ahead.

What do you do when you don’t have a deliverance minister to pray for you? The answer is: you must do what you ultimately must do anyway, and that is self-deliverance. Getting demonic spirits out of your life is not the hard part; keeping them out is. Learn these 7 steps and they will help you get free and stay free of demonic influence and control in your life.

Jesus said that it was better for His disciples if He went away so He could send them the “comforter”. The power this comforter brings us is the most important tool we can have in our faith walk.

We are living in a day where popular public figures and politicians get away with blatantly lying to millions of people at a time on world wide television. There is a truth crisis in America and it is affecting the spiritual fabric of the entire country. In this revealing look at current events and how they are being covered up at the highest levels, minister Rick Bell exposes the truth, or lack of it, in what we are being fed by the so-called media.

Everyone has a moment when they realize for the first time that spiritual warfare is 100% real, and that what they’ve been taught in church all their life is not the whole truth. When the blinders finally come off and Christians realize what Satan can actually do to them, things start to change.

In this episode of Omega Man Radio, Deliverance Minister Rick Bell shares his “Ah Ha” moment when his complete life and ministry changed because of the revelation that EVERYTHING is spiritual warfare! It is a powerful moment in anyone’s life when they finally “wake up” to the truth.

On Friday August 21 and Monday August 24 the US stock market lost over 1000 points. This stock market “correction” as some are calling it is likely only the beginning of financial troubles for our world. All hell is in the process of being unleashed upon our comfortable lives and very few Christians are in any kind of shape to spiritually withstand the storm.

This timely teaching also deals with the devastating fallout of suicide on the loved ones left behind. Minister Rick Bell is a suicide survivor and discusses his journey in detail in this raw and powerful look into the aftermath of a suicide in the family.

The world as we have known it is rapidly deteriorating into a social and moral cesspool of humanistic logic and secularism. True Christians are being laughed at, lampooned, and worst of all, vilified in the world today. The time is now for a completely knew way of thinking that has almost nothing to do with organized religious activities. This hard hitting radio interview by Minister Rick Bell exposes some of the completely ineffective teachings being “sold” from the pulpit today.

One of the most impactfull things a person can experience is the input they receive from the people around them – good or bad. In this teaching, Minister Rick Bell tells you why it is better to run from negative people than to try to convince them of the truth when they aren’t listening.